Social Housing

Gram Vikas has facilitated both financial and technical support for building permanent, disaster-resistant houses for tribal and rural communities. In the past, we have helped communities access loans from Housing Development Finance Corporation, Mumbai and Stichting DOEN Foundation, for the construction of low cost houses. We also provided training, technical guidance, masons and support for bulk purchase of building materials. Our social housing involves people at each level and they spend a considerable amount of time collecting materials and contributing labour towards construction of the house.

Due to the substantial impact in the space and after persistent efforts in lobbying with the state and para-statal institutions, Gram Vikas was recognised by the state government as the nodal agency for propagation of the 'credit-cum-subsidy' housing programme. Operationally, In the plain regions, houses are made of brick and cement, with filler slab concrete roof. In inaccessible areas where cement cannot be transported, GCI sheets or tiles are used for the roof. In hilly areas houses are built with locally available stone. As a rule Gram Vikas promotes construction of houses with toilets and bathing rooms alongside each house.

Most recently, Gram Vikas partnered with Orissa State Disaster Management Agency (OSDMA) as their socio-technical partner to build disaster resilient houses for cyclone "Phailin" impacted beneficiaries. The program is known as Orissa Disaster Recovery Project (ODRP) and is the largest project of its kind in India and possibly the world. Over 22000 houses are being built in the worst impacted districts of Orissa over a 2 year period time via Owner Driven Construction of Houses (ODCH) methodology.