A Tale of a successful farmer of Village Perumanji : Mahaling Majhi

Mahaling Majhi is a resident of Perumanji, a village in Thuamul Rampur, Kalahandi district. Mahaling completed his education up to 5thstd, is now 42 and the 6 family members he lives with act as his driving force. With the assistance of his wife, Tulasi, Mahaling has developed 4-5 acres of previous waste-land. The land also includes a farm house and through his incessant effort and dedication he has been able to bring himself and his family many benefits.

Mahaling recalls his previous life which contained many struggles for him and his family as poverty was acute and there was no income opportunity to feed his family.

However, his situation greatly changed when the KKS project was implemented in his village and Gram Vikas staff provided him with advice and support on how to sustain a livelihood. Through these interventions Mahaling is now producing and selling a wide variety of vegetables, including cauliflower, cabbage, green peas, brinjal and tomato. Overall, he sold approximately Rs.40,000 worth of produce in the last quarter which was cultivated in over 1 acre of land.

He has also produced 50 bags of paddy (1bag = 50 kg) and after keeping some aside for his family, he sold it in the market for Rs.35,000. Alongside this he has increasedhis income by selling mahula in the market which recently earned him RS.7,000.

Furthermore, he has developed a livestock unit in his farm house and from this unit he earned Rs.35,000 from selling goats and poultry which brings great potential for him and his family.

Mahaling expects a further Rs.20000-25000 income from selling his potatoes and lady fingers which are still waiting to be harvested.

Organic fertilizer such as cow dung and rusk is used to ensure a sustainable agricultural practice which is increasing his yield.

Mahaling is an enthusiastic and progressive farmer andthrough the continuing support of KKS and Gram Vikas he can diversify to increase and sustain his income and help advice other farmers in the area.

Mahaling’s transformation has bought the attention of others living in the area, encouraging them to pursue opportunities.