Our Governing Board

The Governing Board is the top most decision-making body at Gram Vikas.The Governing Board of our organisation includes development practitioners, academicians and professionals from the fields of Public Service, Management and Law. The Governing Board is elected from the General Body members. Our Governing Board has developed by-laws to guide the functioning, roles and responsibilities of the members as well as the organization. 

The current Governing Board members are as follows:

Name Position on Board Occupation/ Background
Mr. Anant Mahapatra Member Dramatist-Producer
Mr. Anup Kumar Mohapatra Member Business person & Philanthropist
Mr. Damodaran Thankappan Member Social Worker
Mr. Debiprasad Mishra Member Academic
Mr. Joe Madiath Chairman Social Worker
Mr. Liby T Johnson Executive Director, Secretary Development Management Professional
Mrs. Meena Gupta Member Former Civil Servant
Mr. Ram Sankar Treasurer Chartered Accountant
Mr. Sanjeev Nayak Member Institution - builder
Dr. Saraswati Swain Member Physician
Mr. Vijay Mahajan Member Development Management Professional