Khel Vikas


Khel Vikas, which literally translates to "sport development", seeks to provide the underprivileged and tribal youth in the state of Odisha access to participation in regular recreational sport. Moreover, Khel Vikas seeks to support highly talented and motivated athletes in their quest to achieve sporting excellence. Gram Vikas is implementing the project in partnership with Delhi-based sport development organisation, Pro Sport Development.

Pro Sport Development or ProSportDev uses sport as a means for the holistic development of youth, especially within the underprivileged sections of society who lack the resources and opportunities to participate and compete in sport. ProSportDev not only promotes the sustainable participation of youth in sport, but also provides those with the ability and desire, a platform to excel and progress to an elite level.

The project is currently working with youth in these Gram Vikas residential schools, as well as within several Gram Vikas communities.


"To provide every underprivileged (and tribal) child in Odisha the right to play that ensures their holistic development and fosters their growth as confident and competent learners, as well as to support those that have the talent and desire, to excel at an elite level."

How Khel Vikas Works?

Khel Vikas runs two broad types of programs PE/ Recreational sports programs and Elite/Competitive sports programs. These programs run in two types of settings firstly, within the Gram Vikas Schools, of which there are four all over Odisha. These are referred to as Khel Vikas Sports Academies. Secondly, programs are run in communities that are located in Gram Vikas areas of operation. These programs involve providing coaching and support for building local clubs, as well as training coaches. These are referred to as Community Sports Outreach Programs.

These programs combined will serve as feeder centres for the Khel Vikas Sporting Centre of Excellence.

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