Restoring Income cum food security through Sunflower cultivation: A case study of Jalandar Bag of village Karlapat

Jalandar Bag of Karlapat village, Thuamul Rampur, Kalahandi district is aged 45, has had no formal education and is an orphan from childhood.

Prior to the KKS project implementation in his village, his earning was minimal and he was not possible to feed his family throughout the year.

Jalandarís wife supports him in the sunflower field which they have been producing for the last 2 years in almost 1 acre of land. Gram Vikas has provided seeds, support and other services through regular interventions. Fencing has been put up around his field through the support of Gram Vikas and a rest shed has been created to keep watch on animals grazing. The current crop is likely to be harvested in this coming May and June. Jalandar hopes to be able to expand his land in order to cultivate more sunflowers.

Through his last crop he was able to produce 3 quintal of sunflower seeds and after processing he produced 100 litres oil which he sold locally at 60 rupees per litre, earning 6000 rupees overall. He said that if market support can be provided for his produce then he can make packet oil which will sell for 80-90 rupees per litre. There is a good market demand for sunflower oil so through investing in producing it, it can bring a great benefits, such as food security, for people like Jalandar and his wife.