Mr. Shubhasis Pattnaik has taken over as Executive Director of Gram Vikas with effect from 1st May 2014.  
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“Our village is better than the town. We have 24*7 piped water supply to all families, without exception. Every family has their own toilet and bathing room as well. When we seek marriage alliances, our daughters ask us – ‘ would there ...

Global+5 Grand Prize
2012-10-10 06:08:03

GLOBAL+5 is an exciting competition awarding solutions to the most pressing global questions of the next five years.

The event  presented a selection of innovative and ambitious projects to a specially convened Jury of international leaders. This jury  met in Geneva on 9-10 October; the best projects were selected by the jury on 9 October and the results of the selection process is announced on 10 October. 

Gram Vikas' MANTRA Programme has won the Grand Prize  and the  project will be featured in a special end of year edition of The Global Journal.