Mr. Shubhasis Pattnaik has taken over as Executive Director of Gram Vikas with effect from 1st May 2014.  
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“Our village is better than the town. We have 24*7 piped water supply to all families, without exception. Every family has their own toilet and bathing room as well. When we seek marriage alliances, our daughters ask us – ‘ would there ...

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Want to see our development programmes in action?
The way you can help
You can Sponsor a Child's Education


Want to see our development programmes in action?
If you are an individual interested in donating to one our programmes or an NGO wishing to partner with Gram Vikas, you can arrange a visit to a Gram Vikas village. To do so, please write to us at: or



The way you can help
With your donation of INR 6000(US $150, €125) one toilet and shower stall will be built for one family. The first Rs 4000 (US $100, €83) pays for materials not locally available such as steel, cement, doors, pipes and a porcelain pan. The next Rs. 2000 (US $50, €41) goes towards ongoing support to the village for 3 to 5 years.

The family will pay the remaining INR 6000(US $150, €125) in cash, kind or labour.

Click here to download our pamphlet "Taps and Toilets - restoring dignity." and help us spread the MANTRA



You can Sponsor a Child's Education
Gram Vikas welcomes any offer of support financial or materials for the schools. One form of financial support is through sponsorship of students either partially of fully, or for education materials. Support for computers / libraries are also welcome. How you can help : Click here to download information on "School Sponsorship Programme"