Access to Services Award by Bihar Innovation Forum-II awarded to Gram Vikas on 31st January 2014   
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“Our village is better than the town. We have 24*7 piped water supply to all families, without exception. Every family has their own toilet and bathing room as well. When we seek marriage alliances, our daughters ask us – ‘ would there ...

Our Team

Joe Madiath has been the Executive Director of Gram Vikas since its inception. The Executive Director is supported by a management team comprised of managers for the field operations and staff support units.

Gram Vikas field operations are organised under 24 project areas, each with a team of 12-15 field staff headed by a Coordinator. Volunteers from the villages also support and actively participate in Gram Vikas' work.

Staff units in Accounts, PMED (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Documentation), Internal Audit, IT (Information Technology), Resource Mobilisation and Purchase based at the head office at Mohuda, support the field projects. The finance systems of Gram Vikas are backed up by a concurrent Finance Accompaniment Team (FAT). Staff development programmes are planned and organised on an ongoing basis.

Field Volunteers
External Volunteers
Gram Vikas Family



Staff (as on March 2014)
Gram Vikas currently has a staff strength of 217 men and  47 women, making up the total staff strength of 264.

These people are distributed over the head office and the project areas

The field staff are supported by functional teams in Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation (PMED), Education, Finance and Accounts, Information Technology (IT), Building Support Team (Engineers/Technicians), and Administration.

Persons from the Initial Team
Other Programme Managers
Coordinators at Field Offices
Field Volunteers
External Volunteers



Persons from the Initial Team

  • Mr. Joe Madiath, Executive Director
  • Mr. Sojan K. Thomas, Manager, MANTRA
  • Mr. M T Verghese, Advisor to Executive Director

Other Programme Managers
Coordinators at Field Offices
Field Volunteers
External Volunteers



Other Programme Managers




  • Mr. Chandramohan Patnaik, Chief Accountant-cum-Finance Manager
  • Ms. Sherly Mathew, Coordinator - Information Technology (IT)
  • Ms. Valsamma Melennoor, Adviser to Executive Director (Accounts)
  • Mr. R.K. Panda, Coordinator Vehicles
  • Mr. Sudhir Ranjan Sahu, Team Leader (FAT)
  • Mr. Ranjan Pattnaik, Asst. Chief Accountant

Persons from the Initial Team
Other Programme Managers
Coordinators at Field Offices
Field Volunteers
External Volunteers



Coordinators at Field Offices

  • Mr. Sudarsan Jena, Ganjam
  • Mr. Ratnakar Shaw, Sundergarh
  • Mr Sarat Chandra Mohanty - Kerandimal, Ganjam
  • Mr. Saroj Kumar Porichha, Karadasing, Gajapati
  • Mr. Manoj Kumar Behera, Mohana, Gajapati
  • Mr. Damodar Das, Dhenkanal
  • Mr. Laxmi Narayan Panda, Keonjhar
  • Mr. Lekharam Karna, Kandhamal
  • Mr. Kailash Sahu, Gajapati
  • Mr. Kailash Chandra Das, Tumba
  • Mr. Umakanta Nayak, Thuamul Rampur
  • Mr. Rangadhar Behera, Thuamul Rampur
  • Mr Dayanidhi Mishra, Koinpur, Gajapati
  • Mr. Narahari Rout, Bafla
  • Mr. Bibhudatta Sahu, Rudhapadar

Persons from the Initial Team
Other Programme Managers
Field Volunteers
External Volunteers



Field Volunteers
An active group of over 200 volunteers facilitate development processes in the villages. Their main areas of work include supervision of planned activities, assistance in maintenance of village records, running the village schools, etc.

The services of volunteers are partially supported by Gram Vikas.
Specific capacity-building programmes are designed for training volunteers on a periodic basis at the project level.

Persons from the Initial Team
Other Programme Managers
Coordinators at Field Offices
External Volunteers




  • Ms. Geetanjali Prusty, Konkia High School, Konkia, Ganjam
  • Mr. Arabinda Swain, Sikya Niketan, Thuamul Rampur, Kalahandi
  • Mr. Manoj Barik, Mahendra Tanaya Ashram School, Koinpur, Gajapati
  • Mr. Lingaraj Pradhan, Vidhya Vihar, Rudhapadar

Persons from the Initial Team
Other Programme Managers
Coordinators at Field Offices
External Volunteers
Field Volunteers



External Volunteers
Volunteers from foreign nationalities come to Gram Vikas periodically to work with us.

Gram Vikas receives volunteers from Australian Volunteers International, Voluntary Services Overseas, UK and Kopion, South Korea, National Foundation of India, New Delhi.

Gram Vikas also receives independent volunteers and university students from across the world. Past volunteers have come from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Spain, UK, USA, Ireland, Switzerland.

Volunteers assist in varied areas including documentation, data processing, capacity development, support to technical areas, etc.

The volunteer programme also seeks to promote ambassadors and goodwill agents in the native countries.

Persons from the Initial Team
Other Programme Managers
Coordinators at Field Offices
Field Volunteers



Gram Vikas Family (as on March 2014)

Abanti Jani, Vidhya Vihar                                               
Abhimanyu Mohanty, Rudhapadar                                           
Adit Kumar Behera, Kankia School                                        
Aditya Prasad Misra, Head Office                                        
Ajaya Kumar Dash, Kankia School                                         
Ajit Kumar Rout, Thuamul Rampur                                         
Ajoy Kumar Baral, Head Office                                           
Akura Tandi, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                       
Ananta Kumar Y, Head Office                                             
Ananta Kishore Das, Keonjhar                                            
Anil Kumar Sahu, Kankia School                                          
Arabinda Nayak, Tumba                                                   
Arabinda Swain, Sikhya Niketan                                          
Arati Ojha, Kankia School                                               
Arun Kumar Sahu, Rudhapadar                                             
Arun Kumar Singh, Head Office                                           
Asha Bisoi, Vidhya Vihar                                                
Ashalata Samal, Sikhya Niketan                                          
Ashish Das, Head Office                                                 
Ashok Kumar Ghosh, Mohana                                               
Ashok Kumar Pati, Tumba                                                 
Aswini Kumar Majhi, Bafla                                               
Attasmita Mallik, M.T.A., Koinpur                                       
Babru Bahan Bhoi, Ganjam                                                
Babru Bahan Pradhan, Head Office                                        
Babula Das, Head Office                                                 
Bachha Pana, Rourkela                                                   
Baishnaba Dakua, M.T.A., Koinpur                                        
Balaram Sahu, Head Office                                               
Banamali Parida, Rourkela                                               
Barun Kumar Sahu, Head Office                                           
Basanti Devi, Karadasing                                                
Bata Krushna Nayak, Kandhamal                                           
Bhagaban Samal, Rudhapadar                                              
Bhagyabati Patro, M.T.A., Koinpur                                       
Bhagyarathi Pradhan, Kerandimal                                         
Bhanupriya Mishra, Kankia School                                        
Bhaskar Maharana, Head Office                                           
Bhikari Sethi, Head Office                                              
Bibekananda Pradhan, Jharsuguda                                         
Bibhudatta Sahu, Rudhapadar                                             
Bidhan Chandra Das, Head Office                                         
Bidhyadhar Naik, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                   
Bidulata Dhala, Kerandimal                                              
Bidyutprava Praharaj, Rudhapadar                                        
Bighneswar Panda, Bafla                                                 
Bijay Kumar Das, Head Office                                            
Bijay Kumar Sahu, Bafla                                                 
Bijaya Kumar Panigrahy, Karadasing                                      
Bijaya Kumar Pradhan, Rudhapadar                                        
Bijaya Kumar Rout, Mohana                                               
Bikash Pradhani, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                   
Bimal Krushna Panigrahi, Head Office                                    
Binod Pradhan, Kankia School                                            
Binod Kumar Sahu, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                  
Bipra Charan Pradhan, Vidhya Vihar                                      
Bishnu Charan Nayak, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                               
Bisi Kesan Bisi, Thuamul Rampur                                         
Braja Bandhu Jena, Gajapati                                             
Chaitanya Mandal, Rudhapadar                                            
Chandra Kumar Y., Head Office                                           
Chandra Mohan Patnaik, Head Office                                      
Chhabi Mohanty, Ganjam                                                  
Chitralekha Choudhury, Head Office                                      
Choudhury Mihir Char Mohanty, Head Office                               
Christadas Gouda, Head Office                                           
Dalimba Sahani, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                    
Damayanti Das, Ganjam                                                   
Damodar Das, Dhenkanal                                                  
Dayanidhi Mishra, Koinpur                                               
Debaraj Dakua, Head Office                                              
Debendra Nath Dash, Kankia School                                       
Debjani Mitra, Head Office                                              
Deenabandhu Rout, Thuamul Rampur                                        
Deepak Kumar Mohanty, Dhenkanal                                         
Dhruba Charan Naik, Vidhya Vihar                                        
Dibakar Panda, Kankia School                                            
Dibakar Sahoo, Mohana                                                   
Dillip Kumar Subudhi, Bafla                                             
Dulhaba Odandra, Bafla                                                  
Durjyodhan Sahu, Kankia School                                          
Duryodhan Barik, Rudhapadar                                             
Duryodhan Mallik(Wdt), Mohana                                           
Eshak Sabar, Kankia School                                              
Gajendra Giri, Bolangir                                                 
Gananath Pradhan, Jharsuguda                                            
Gangadevi Patro, Gajapati                                               
Gangadhar Panda, Lanjigarh                                              
Gangadhar Panigrahi, Head Office                                        
Gautamchandra Rout, Koinpur                                             
Gitanjali Prusty, Kankia School                                         
Gobinda Hansda, Rudhapadar                                              
Gobinda Ballava Dalai, Mayurbhanj                                       
Gopinath Harpal, Gajapati                                               
Gouri Dalai, Koinpur                                                    
Gouri Shankar Naik, Rudhapadar                                          
Gouri Shankar Raj, Mayurbhanj                                           
Hari Krushna Swain, Head Office                                         
Harihar Pradhan, Head Office                                            
Indra Naik, Thuamul Rampur                                              
Indra Nayak, Thuamul Rampur                                             
Iswara Chandra Karjee, Kankia School                                    
Jadumani Mohapatra, Head Office                                         
Jaya Krushna Dash, Gajapati                                             
Jhalak Naik, Thuamul Rampur                                             
Jhansi Prodhan, Mohana                                                  
Jitendra Kumar Jena, Lanjigarh                                          
Jogendra Takaria, Thuamul Rampur                                        
Jogendra Nath Swain, Koinpur                                            
Jogindra Dakua, Thuamul Rampur                                          
John Thomas, Head Office                                                
John Paul Khujur, Thuamul Rampur                                        
Josada Devi, Ganjam                                                     
Jubli Rosan Nayak, Head Office                                          
Jyoti Prasanna Singh, Head Office                                       
Kailash Chandra Das, Tumba                                              
Kailash Chandra Sahu, Gajapati                                          
Kalakar Mallick, Kandhamal                                              
Kali Charan Panda, Bolangir                                             
Kalpana Moharana, Ganjam                                                
Kamala Das, Keonjhar                                                    
Kameswar Gouda, Kankia School                                           
Kanaka Nayak, Sikhya Niketan                                            
Kapilendra Kumar Bishoyi, Keonjhar                                      
Karniel Gamango, Mohana                                                 
Kedar Nath Pandi, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                  
Keshab Jamadar, Sikhya Niketan                                          
Khirod Kumar Behera, Keonjhar                                           
Kishore Kumar Rout, Jharsuguda                                          
Kora Prasad Tripathy, Head Office                                       
Krishna Bahadur, Ganjam                                                 
Krishna Chandra Dikshit, Rudhapadar                                     
Krushna Chandra Maharana, Gajapati                                      
Krushna Chandra Panda, Head Office                                      
Krushna Chandra Panda, Vidhya Vihar                                     
Kuresh Kumar S., Head Office                                            
Laxmi Narayan Panda, Keonjhar                                           
Lekharam Karna, Kandhamal                                               
Lingaraj Misra, Kankia School                                           
Lingaraj Pradhan, Vidhya Vihar                                          
Loba Mahapatra, Jharsuguda                                              
Lorambika Sahoo, Kankia School                                          
Madhu Sudhan Parhi, Thuamul Rampur                                      
Mahalaxmi Mishra, M.T.A., Koinpur                                       
Mahendra Nath, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                     
Mamata Panigrahi, Gajapati                                              
Mamuni Pandit, Head Office                                              
Manas Samant, Head Office                                               
Manas Kumar Mohanty, Gajapati                                           
Mangala Bhuyan, Tumba                                                   
Manika Mala Swain, Head Office                                          
Manoj Kumar Barik, M.T.A., Koinpur                                      
Manoj Kumar Behera, Mohana                                              
Manturam Sahu, Kandhamal                                                
Meghna Yagnesh Mankarmi, Head Office                                    
Mrutunjaya Misra, Head Office                                           
Muralidhara Padhy, Kankia School                                        
Nabakishore Pradhan, M.T.A., Koinpur                                    
Nagendra Nath Dash, Head Office                                         
Narahari Rout, Bafla                                                    
Narasing Behera, Head Office                                            
Narayan Gouda, Thuamul Rampur                                           
Narayan Sahu, Rudhapadar                                                
Nila Sethi, Koinpur                                                     
Nilamadhab Senapati, Mohana                                             
Nilambar Dash, Head Office                                              
Niranjan Maharana, Head Office                                          
Niranjana Sahu, Thuamul Rampur                                          
Nityananda Rout, Kankia School                                          
Norbert Soreng, Koinpur                                                 
Pabitra Mohan Sahoo, Kandhamal                                          
Padmalochan Joshi, Lanjigarh                                            
Parakhita Nayak, Jharsuguda                                             
Paramananda Majhi, Thuamul Rampur                                       
Paramananda Sethi, Lanjigarh                                            
Parsuram Mishra, Ganjam                                                 
Parsuram Palli, Bafla                                                   
Parvati Sahu, Mohana                                                    
Pausa Karjee, Karadasing                                                
Prabhat Kumar Pattnaik, Head Office                                     
Prabhatini Dash, Sikhya Niketan                                         
Pradeep Mallik, Kankia School                                           
Prakash Chandra Jena, M.T.A., Koinpur                                   
Prakash Chandra Panigrahi, Head Office                                  
Pramod Kumar Dalai, Keonjhar                                            
Pramod Kumar Das, Rudhapadar                                            
Prasant Kumar Behera, Gajapati                                          
Prasant Kumar Sahu, Head Office                                         
Prasanti Kumari Rout, M.T.A., Koinpur                                   
Priyadarshini Senapati, Head Office                                     
Purna Chandra Behera, Rourkela                                          
Purna Chandra Panda, Rudhapadar                                         
Purnendu Sekhar Panigrahy, Dhenkanal                                    
Puspanjali Roul, Kandhamal                                              
Rabindra Kumar Padhi, Head Office                                       
Rabindra Kumar Panda, Head Office                                       
Rabindra Kumar Parhi, Head Office                                       
Rabunu Majhi, Sikhya Niketan                                            
Raghunath Sahoo, Rudhapadar                                             
Rajan Gauda, Sikhya Niketan                                             
Rajanigandha Sahu, Kankia School                                        
Rajesh Acharya M, Head Office                                           
Rakesh Kumar Hota, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                 
Rama Chandra Mohanty, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                              
Rama Chandra Nayak, Sikhya Niketan                                      
Rama Krushna Rana, Mohana                                               
Ramesh Reddy K., Head Office                                            
Ramesh Ch. Ojha, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                   
Ramesh Chandra Behera, Vidhya Vihar                                     
Rangadhar Behera, Thuamul Rampur                                        
Ranjan Kumar Patnaik, Head Office                                       
Ratnakar Shaw, Jharsuguda                                               
Ravindra Sahu, Rudhapadar                                               
Ruby Kumari Singh, Head Office                                          
Ruchismita Pathy, Head Office                                           
Ruddhi Sundar Mishra, Thuamul Rampur                                    
Sabitri Nayak, Head Office                                              
Sabitri Ojha, Mayurbhanj                                                
Sachine Gurung, Tumba                                                   
Samir Kumar Das, Head Office                                            
Sandhya Rani J., Head Office                                            
Sanjaya Kumar Baral, Head Office                                        
Sanjib Kumar Joshi, Jharsuguda                                          
Sanju Pandey, Sikhya Niketan                                            
Sanjukta Parida, Head Office                                            
Sankar Pradhan(B), Bolangir                                             
Sankar Pradhan(T), Tumba                                                
Santanu Kumar Sahu, Head Office                                         
Santosh Kumar Padhy, Rudhapadar                                         
Santosh Kumar Panda, Gajapati                                           
Santosh Kumar Parida, Koinpur                                           
Santosh Kumar Patra, Ganjam                                             
Santosh Kumar Roula, Rudhapadar                                         
Santosh Kumar Subudhi, Head Office                                      
Sarat Chandra Mohanty, Kerandimal                                       
Saroj Kumar Porichha, Karadasing                                        
Saroj Kumar Pradhan, Kandhamal                                          
Sasmita Jena, Gajapati                                                  
Sasmita Kumari Mishra, Head Office                                      
Satya Ranjan Behera, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                               
Satyaban Bhuyan, M.T.A., Koinpur                                        
Satyanarayan Swain, Head Office                                         
Sherly Mathew, Head Office                                              
Shrabani Behera, Koinpur                                                
Shyam Nayak, Head Office                                                
Siba Prasad Gouda, Sikhya Niketan                                       
Simanchal Nayak, Thuamul Rampur                                         
Simanchal Polai, Gajapati                                               
Simanchal Sadangi, Head Office                                          
Sitaram Mohanty, Karadasing                                             
Sojan K. Thomas, Head Office                                            
Sombra Sabar, Koinpur                                                   
Sridhar Das, Mohana                                                     
Srikanta Senapati, Koinpur                                              
Srilata Kumari Satapathy, Head Office                                   
Srinibas Sahu, Ganjam                                                   
Srinivas Gorti, Thuamul Rampur                                          
Subash Chandra Naik, Kankia School                                      
Subash Chandra Pal, Keonjhar                                            
Subash Kumar Prusty, Ganjam                                             
Subhransu Sekhar Rath, Head Office                                      
Subin Das, Rourkela                                                     
Sudam Charan Mishra, Head Office                                        
Sudarsan Behera, Head Office                                            
Sudarsan Jena, Ganjam                                                   
Sudhakar Pattnaik, Tumba                                                
Sudhir Ranjan Sahu, Head Office                                         
Sukadev Swain, Ganjam                                                   
Sukanta Gouda, M.T.A., Koinpur                                          
Sukanti Mallik, Head Office                                             
Suman Gomango, M.T.A., Koinpur                                          
Sunakar Sahoo, Thuamul Rampur                                           
Sunil Kumar Jena, Rudhapadar                                            
Suniti Swain, Kankia School                                             
Suprava Sahoo, Vidhya Vihar                                             
Surendra Nath Palei, Kankia School                                      
Suresh Bibhar, Otelp-Ii ,Th. Rampur                                     
Suresh Pradhan, Kankia School                                           
Suresh Chandra Rout, Thuamul Rampur                                     
Suresh Kumar Behera, Thuamul Rampur                                     
Susanta Kumar Pattnaik, Thuamul Rampur                                  
Susanta Kumar Pradhan, Rudhapadar                                       
Swadhin Kumar Das, Head Office                                          
Swarnalaxmi Rout, Sikhya Niketan                                        
Tapan Kumar Jata, Sikhya Niketan                                        
Tapan Kumar Nayak, Keonjhar                                             
Taraka Nath Padhy, Head Office                                          
Trinath Pradhan, Lanjigarh                                              
Udaya Naik, Thuamul Rampur                                              
Umakanta Dasbabu, Lanjigarh                                             
Umakanta Nayak, Thuamul Rampur                                          
Upendra Nath Behera, Head Office                                        
Upendranath Dash, Head Office                                           
Urmila Senapati, Head Office                                            
Urmila Kumari Bishoyi, Head Office                                      
Valsamma Melannoor, Head Office                                         
Varghese M.T., Head Office