Tribal development was one of the earliest initiatives of Gram Vikas. The areas covered through these engagements had poor access to education. Gram Vikas has set up residential schools in order to harness the value of education in overall development especially in creating potential for occupational mobility. The first school to be set up was at Kankia in 1982. The second was built in 1992 in Koinpur; the third at Thuamal Rampur in 1998 and the fourth at Rudhapadar in 2002.

The response of host communities to these schooling facilities has been overwhelmingly positive. Gram Vikas has been striving to provide the best possible instructional and residential facilities for the learners. However, its efforts are constrained both by budgetary resources and by its ability to attract and retain teaching staff. Remoteness of host locations of the children and the schools also present myriad challenges.

Recognising the potential of ICT to address some of these inherent challenges, Gram Vikas has been seeking to set up computer centres in the school with a view to creating virtual classrooms using a hub and spoke model. Financial grant from Oracle Corporation through the Charities Aid Foundation has enabled the process. Oracle Centres of e-Learning have been established at Thuamal Rampur School and at Rudhapadar School.