Change Story of Panchanan Gouda on Water and Sanitation

The field staff of Gram Vikas, along with village leaders and youth, worked hard in the village of Athagharia in Ganjam to achieve consensus amongst all the villagers regarding the installation of water and sanitation facilities. The village was split due to a mix of castes but through a variety of capacity building training programmes on community mobilization, gender, health and hygiene, villagers became empowered to bring about their own development.

Panchanan Gouda, a 70 year old man from the village, commented, "The water supply and the construction of bathing rooms and toiletshave bought a lot of change into our lives,and our families are leading a healthy life andI hope that these things will only improve further”.

Villagers have now become inspired to continue improving the quality of their lives and are recognizing the importance of key issues including health, education and people’s institutions.