This is a uniquely designed curriculum to foster the children drop out or the one who has never been to school. The three month intensive residential training is given which help the children in learning the subject fundamentals so that they do not feel left-behind in the classroom, making their induction into schooling an easier process. Many children, especially the girls are forced to stay back at home and support in the household work. Gender disparity, distance, cost, water and sanitation are the major challenges that evoke to be laid back. Our school staffs are well efficient apart from the academic curriculum, to reach out to those families trapped in poverty and motivate them to understand the importance and long term benefits of education. Our intervention has encouraged over 95% of the children involved going on to enrol in the school. For final admissions preference is given to those seen as most vulnerable, including orphans, girls, the poorest of the poor and the first member of a family to attend school.